Welcome To Truth As Authority


Truth As Authority  has but one small mission statement. A manifesto, if you will.


We are consumed with uncovering the lies and deception that our race as a whole is fed on an hourly basis by those deemed fit to govern us.

We simply question everything. And we encourage all of our readers to do the same. The world is currently undergoing a vast change in awareness and consciousness, as the human race begins to peer behind the veil of deception which has clouded the majority of our lives.

We simply want to do our bit to continue this raising of awareness, as we strive to rediscover the love, beauty and truth with which we should all be living our lives.

We seek your help in achieving this and welcome all contributions to the site. Whether essays, articles, poetry, videos or news reports we may have missed, we ask you to submit ot us at raldigital@live.co.uk, and we will endeavour to get as many of them as possible up on the site.

Please note that submissions are not required to be political in nature. Providing that they seek to uncover a personal or collective truth, we are more than happy to give you a platform on which to contribute.

Please see our Submissions page for further details.

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